traducciones imposibles

traducciones imposibles began in...

…in Barcelona, in 2004. María Ferrer, arrived from Japan after finishing a research period at the University of Tokyo. Since 1998 Maria Ferrer has worked with several leading publishing houses.


The boom in the Spanish audiovisual sector motivated Ferrer to put together a preeminent translation team in order to fill a need for superior Spanish translations.

traducciones imposibles & TI Group

Traducciones Imposibles is the main branch of TI Group, a corporate group specialised in translation for the entertainment industry, together with VOSE and Red Comet Media.


TI Group


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traducciones imposibles is...

A team of experts in the specifics of multiple audiovisual and publishing genres. TI's translation specialists use the most accurate translation strategies.

Work and reaction capability. The combination of in-house staff and trained outsource collaborators allows the company to take on all kinds of translation projects with deadlines adjusted to demand flow.

Versatility. Multilingual translators, adaptors, editors and linguists. TI's expert professionals have constant access to training which enables them to offer top-quality content and use cutting-edge work translation techniques.

Professionalism and skill. Our work comes from our passion for languages, but rigour is key. In our documentation and terminology lab, we put together glossaries, data bases and translation protocols for each project. Quality control ensures that the vocabulary and the specific phrasing for each series, collection or videogame are respected and applied correctly.


Traducciones Imposibles


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