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TI Courses

Learn about ever-changing market demands and become a competitive and efficient translator.

Our courses will provide you with the necessary tools to develop a successfully as a translator and to offer the skills required in the linguistic services sector.

Training courses are designed for translators who are seeking further training or need to adapt to the new demands in the translation sector, both for publishing and audiovisual products.

Some of our courses require on-site attendance, while others can be done online. We also offer web seminars.

Students taking a TI course will gain access to our job listings.

On-site courses are held in our premises in Barcelona and Valencia.


Students participating in online courses will have access to online material once registration has been completed.


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Professional practicum for university students


University students of all levels (BA, MA, PhD) can complete their practicum projects with us.


Our Education Department will provide the student with the necessary knowledge for professional activity and will also offer courses of specialisation to complement their academic training.


Internships offered for students from:

Universitat de València

Universitat de València

MA in Creative Translation


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

MA in Audiovisual Translation


Instituto Superior de Traducción
Instituto Superior de Traducción

MA in Audiovisual Translation




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Translator Training Lab

Courses, workshops and seminars

All courses are complemented with continuous assessment exercises. Students will be given a course completion certificate.

Module 1

Promotion and marketing for translators

Module 2

Translation and linguistic services

Module 3

Writing and editing

Module 4



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